Success sits on a mountain of mistakes

parcelforce pride

UPDATE: This post references “DoggyWoggyWooWoo” this was our company name prior to March 2019 when we changed it to “Tooth & Tail”.

We know that customers everywhere want retailers to provide faster and more reliable deliveries to accommodate their busy lifestyles. Such services do exist but they come at a cost for the retailers so the key is finding a balance between quality of service and cost to our businesses.

In the past, we here at DoggyWoggyWooWoo have been guilty of trying to operate too economically with our courier services. Unfortunately, but somewhat predictably, the quality of service to our customers suffered. We believe we have a good grasp of what’s happening in our business, which comes from learning from both good and bad experiences. This helps us to provide better services to you, our valued customers. One way we achieve this is through our great customer service. We greatly appreciate all customer feedback and we are not prepared to shy away from our mistakes. Recent late deliveries and damaged items have encouraged us to demonstrate just how much we care about your experiences with DoggyWoggyWooWoo. As our way of an apology, we issued all affected customers during this time with a bunch of hand tied flowers.

Janice’s bunch

Customers are key to the success of our business and we highly value your opinions whether it be at a farmers market, email or through our online contact form. Your feedback so far has prompted us to purchase much stronger boxes to deliver our goods; we’ve reinstated our next day delivery service; we’ve created a new dog treat containing sustainable insect protein and you now have access to our 3 for £20 with free delivery box mix and match offer, allowing you to select 3 items across a selected range of our products.

From today, we are happy to announce that we’ve partnered with the most well known and trusted courier of them all, Parcelforce Worldwide. After listening to all your feedback, we realised our courier services were nowhere near the standard you expected and based on your comments, frankly, we’d be frustrated too! We hope you will be pleased with this decision and continue to shop with DoggyWoggyWooWoo.

Part of the Royal Mail Group

What does this mean for you?

For those of you who don’t know, Parcelforce is a trade name of Royal Mail and have been providing great British deliveries for over 25 years, handling their parcels both across the UK and internationally, hence the iconic red delivery vans. Today they boast ownership of the Parcelforce hub system, one of the largest buildings in the UK. It covers nearly 6 acres of land and handles up to 58,500 parcels every hour. Integrating our systems with theirs allows us to give you some great new benefits:

  • UK-wide next working day delivery 
  • Guaranteed, fully tracked, with signature on delivery
  • Saturday delivery to the majority of UK destinations for an additional fee of £9

We’re also taking advantage of the vast network Parcelforce has to offer internationally. Deliveries are normally within 48 hours to major European cities with others taking between 3 and 5 working days, depending on destination.

Our processes and systems will be updated over the course of this week but we hope you agree that we’re moving in the right direction. We truly value your feedback, and your custom immensely.

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