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Tooth & Tails’s charity of the year is Guide Dogs UK!

We’ve personally experienced just how much a guide dog can change the life of someone with visual impairments and we are extremely excited to be able to help a much deserved charity. If you would also like to help, please take part in our competition to get the chance to name a guide dog puppy!

A name is the first gift that a guide dog puppy receives. Whether in memory of a loved one or a name that has inspired you, your gift will give a very special puppy a very special story that we will share with you.

It costs over £5,000 to breed and walk each guide dog puppy. Furthermore, the lifetime cost of a guide dog is over £55,000. Your gift will help Guide Dogs transform the lives of people who are blind or partially sighted.

Donate a name

When we reach our target of £2,500, we’ll randomly select one of our donors and you’ll get to name a guide dog puppy (name subject to approval)

We’ll send you a puppy pack, including a photograph of your puppy you have named aged between 6–8 weeks and a birth certificate.

How can you Name a Puppy?

Naming a puppy isn’t just about giving a gift to Guide Dogs; it can also be a tribute to a loved
one and a way for their memory to live on. It’s a lovely way to leave your mark and we will ensure that this most special of gifts is treasured and used to transform lives.

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Our progress so far…

£175 of £2,500 raised

Any questions?

Will my puppy definitely become a guide dog?

No. We have a world-class breeding and training programme and every year a high percentage of our puppies go on to become working guide dogs. In a few cases, dogs aren’t able to achieve the high standards we need and don’t make it through. If this happens to your named dog during your sponsorship period, we’ll ask you if you’d like to name another puppy as a replacement. Once the sponsorship period you have selected is completed, we are unable to provide further information on the progress of the dog you have named.

I’ve heard some dogs become ‘breeding stock’ rather than guide dogs. What does that mean?

‘Breeding stock’ basically means mums and dads. These dogs have such great potential that they’re chosen to bring the next generation of guide dog puppies into the world. We choose these parents around the time they would be going to training school, so if you’re the lucky sponsor
of one of these very special dogs, you’ll still get the same updates and photos.

Does my money go directly to the pup I have named?

Your donations will be spent wherever the need is greatest and could be used for a host of things such as food, training and vets bills. All donations will help provide independence and
freedom for people who are blind or partially sighted.

How should I choose a name?

Make sure that names you settle on are two syllables long and don’t sound like dog training commands such as ‘sit’, ‘wait’ and ‘stand’. Avoid anything that might be embarrassing for a
Guide Dog Owner to have to call in public. Don’t worry if you’re not sure whether your names fit these criteria – we’ll check them for you. We ask for a male name and a female name. If neither of the names you’ve chosen can be used we’ll ask you to suggest a couple more.

Will the puppy be placed near me?

The pup’s training needs are the most important thing for us to consider, so it’s vital that they are placed with the most appropriate puppy walker. The puppy will be placed within a reasonable travelling distance from where you live or work, but due to the limited number and availability of puppy walkers, unfortunately you will not be able to make a specific location request in this respect.

When can I meet the puppy?

We need to make sure that the pup is healthy and settled with their puppy walker before they meet you, so we don’t arrange visits before puppies are 17 weeks old. Some puppies take longer than others to get settled, so you might have to wait longer to meet the puppy.

Can I meet the puppy again?

It’s really important that our puppies focus on their training so we offer one visit on the
Walk scheme, and two on the Learn and Guide schemes. Your updates will keep you up to date with how the puppy you have named is getting on before and after these.

Can I choose a specific breed or colour of dog?

We are unable to specify the breed or colour of the guide dog puppy you will be naming;
however, we can guarantee that they will be adorable!

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